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August 11, 2017 | Santa Rosa, CA

Kinetic Kompendium: 50 Years Of Kinetic Sculpture Racing

Artists spend 3 days a year in home-made contraptions racing “For The Glory.”

Dawn Thomas, kinetic artist, builder and pilot brings us inside the bizarre world of Kinetic Sculpture Racing. This wild and weird event was born in 1969 after a bet between metal sculptors, in a remote town in Northern California, and has evolved into a 3-day, all-terrain event which is often referred to as  “the Triathlon of the Art World.”

A percent of the proceeds from this book will go directly to funding the Kinetic Sculpture Race, which begins with the noon whistle on Saturday, at the plaza in Arcata during Memorial Day weekend. Pilots run to their vehicles in a LeMans start, and pedal madly around the plaza 3 times before being released onto the roads for a mad dash to the Manila sand dunes. From there, it is a grueling few miles through the sand to Deadman’s Drop. Once the race has begun, anything can happen, and cheating is a privilege. Bribes are expected, as are break-downs and on-the-spot fixes.  Pageantry is judged alongside speed, art and engineering categories. The winner is the Kinetic Sculpture whose team racks up the most overall points to claim the coveted Grand Champion trophy.

The “Glorious Founder” of the race, Hobart Brown, passed the baton to his beloved Rutabaga Queens in 2007, who created the nonprofit Kinetic Universe to run the race since his death.  Dawn has worked closely with his family and the Queens to assure the accuracy of historical evidence presented in the book. The Kompendium contains interviews with the “Lifers” who have been racing for 30+ years, the upheaval and lawsuits and the gorgeous photographs that have been taken of the race since its inception.

“Nobody owns the race.” – Queen Monica, 2007

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