About This Project

We are crowdsourcing content for a Kinetic Kompendium book, released for the 50 year anniversary of Kinetic Sculpture Racing. Please join us!

We want to hear your Kinetic Sculpture Racing stories, look at your pictures and go with you, where only you can take us.

Here are a few options for you to start sharing:

Email us: cloudsdriftingby@gmail.com, and tell us all about your kinetic racing adventures.


Join the FaceBook group: stay up to date on new stories, photos and folks looking for other folks to tell their stories.

Google +: If you are on Google +, you can contact us at Kinetic Kompendium Google + Group.

Here is the direct link to request to be added to the shared Google Drive group: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-A6fjWnRQ22fmd1ZjRQRFdERkJRQVV5dVczQTV1b2xJbi1fcjJQMmM4UVBoWDlkbmxlV00

Call us: (707) 245-4735 and we can interview you, and chat about your experiences.

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