KHUM interview with Amy Berkowitz

On August 22, at 4pm, I sat down, virtually, with Amy Berkowitz from KHUM, and we chatted about the Kinetic Kompendium. You can hear the interview here:

Some of the topics we discussed were: Kinetic history, and the dramatic impact the race has on the Humboldt community once a year. Amy mentioned that 140,000 folks come to the county for the race weekend. That’s a lot of folks! Not to mention that the race has been going on for 50 years. It is the biggest single event that happens every year in Humboldt county.

We talked about the fact that Amy’s dad, Robert Cogan raced with Aly Krause’s Egret Team, and Wheels Of Justice, and was on Duane Flatmo’s Calistogasaurus. He raced with the Quagmire Queen when Hobart was running it for the last time. Cliff Berkowitz, Amy’s husband was also on the Queen that year. Amy remembered “being up to my armpits in stinging nettles trying to push the collapsing Queen through Loleta.”

Amy’s son, Alexander, raced when he was 14 on a sculpture named Buffy the Killer Bunny, in 2005. It was built by Lizard from Area 51 (who built Porpoise with a Purpose, Devilfish, and Cosmic Wiener Dog) and Rob Dog, (Rabid Aqua Bat)

He provided a document that claimed he was from the future, and that he had time-traveled back to race. The officials were on board, making the Berkowitz family the first to have 3 generations of racers.



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