Junk Race 1975

junk race iwojima In 1975, Stan Bennett and Larry Eifert cooked up the idea of closing off  Main Street, in Ferndale, on a Sunday (because they knew the local law enforcement would have the day off) to hold a “Junk Race.”

The idea was simple: get all their kinetic sculpture friends to dump giant piles of building materials onto the street, roll out some welders, and assemble a sculpture – in one day – that could be propelled down the street.

Here is what they came up with, photographed – I believe – by Stan Bennett, and shared with me by Andria Ottaway. This story will be featured in the Kinetic Kompendium when it is published.

First off, here is some awesome junk.

pile of junk

Next, roll out those acetylene torches, and get to work!

junk race street blocked off

There are kids everywhere. Hanging out, watching their dads and their dad’s friends make something ridiculous to roll down the street. Below is Jim Ottaway, pounding a 50-gallon drum into a wheel-like construct.

jim ottaway building

Below is Jim Ottaway riding his sculpture down the street, or at least standing on it. Hobart Brown is in the foreground speaking with Mrs. Shaw, whose family was one of the first families living in Ferndale.

junk race jim ottaway on sculpture hobart chatting a lady up

Below is Larry Eifert, so pleased with his sculpture, whatever it is…

larry with his sculpture

Here is the actual “race,” which was the result of the day’s labor. Thanks Stan and everyone!

junk race the race

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