KHUM interview with Cliff Berkowitz

This morning I spent some time talking about the Kinetic Kompendium with Cliff Berkowitz from KHUM. Here is a link to the podcast of the interview: This is what Cliff had to say on his website. "This morning I spoke with Dawn Thomas, the author of the Kinetic Kompendium, 50 Years of Kinetic Sculpture Racing. … Continue reading KHUM interview with Cliff Berkowitz


KHUM interview with Amy Berkowitz

On August 22, at 4pm, I sat down, virtually, with Amy Berkowitz from KHUM, and we chatted about the Kinetic Kompendium. You can hear the interview here: Some of the topics we discussed were: Kinetic history, and the dramatic impact the race has on the Humboldt community once a year. Amy mentioned that 140,000 folks … Continue reading KHUM interview with Amy Berkowitz


Just got off the phone with Keith and Tappy Nelson of "Melvin." Sometimes this labor of love is really fun. Listening to their stories was great. To celebrate, here are a few "Melvins" from over the years (Tracy Norman Rempe photos). Which "Melvin" was your favorite?